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Ask Us Anything

Help and Advice

At VibeSpaces, we put our clients first. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide clients with exceptional service, we’re here to answer all your questions. 

What is the ideation and design process like at VibeSpaces?

Please feel free to send us a photo of your home, or property for staging along with any questions you may have via email at 

We're here to help and we are happy to discuss the details of the space ! If you would like detailed drawings then we can email you a list of what dimensions to take of your space and we can draw a floor plan or elevation for you using existing furnishings or new suggested selections. We can provide advice on colors, materials, and furniture selections for any space. 


Can VibeSpaces help us with furniture shopping as well?

We can provide furniture options once photos of the space are provided. It's recommended to provide a budget so we can provide options tailored to your individual needs! 


How much will your service cost?

Please email us the specific service you would like for us to complete and we will provide you with a quote!

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